Tinklepaugh Surveying Services

Tinklepaugh Surveying specializes in offering total field survey services ranging from single residential lot surveys to massive sectional boundary and topographic surveys encompassing thousands of acres and miles of streets and highways. The firm is familiar with serving the unique requirements of local, state and Federal agencies as well as owners, developers, attorneys and banking institutions.

  • Property Surveys (Cadastral) - Property and boundary surveys, subdivision surveys and plats, public land surveys and condominium documents.

  • Engineering Surveys (Design and Construction) - Design data surveys, roadway surveys, horizontal and vertical control profiles and cross sections, construction phase services and as-built record drawings.

  • Cartographic Surveying - Topographic-planimetric surveys and mapping, horizontal and vertical control for photogrammetric mapping.

  • Consultation - Investigation - Special Services
    Direct personal service for accident reconstruction surveys, record drawings and expert testimony, as well as real estate information drawings for developers and engineers.

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